Thursday, 25 February 2010

Learning the hard way - no two laptop keyboards are alike

I learnt a (apparently very obvious) thing yesterday in a hard way. The fact is, just like humans, no two laptop keyboard layouts are alike. My wife created a beautiful PowerPoint presentation on her laptop with quite some effort in the evening. She asked me to just browse through it so that it goes through a second set of eyes. As helpful as ever (at least in my humble opinion, my wife may differ there), I happily went through it, admiring her work, using right-hand topmost key on her laptop keyboard, assuming it to be the "Page Up" key like it was on my laptop. Then I started wondering why the number of slides is going down as I page up, only to realize to my horror, I had been pounding away on "Delete" key. But by then, 7 to 8 slides had been erased.

Consequences - My wife putting another hour or so in the night to get her presentation to its prior glory. For me, if I tell you I was tweeting at 1 o'clock in night, you get the picture.

Moral of the story - Never ever start pounding away on a laptop that is not yours without paying close attention to the keyboard layout. No two laptop keyboards are alike.

Here is how my laptop keyboard looks like-

And here is hers-

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Technical Details said...

There is some option called undo (Ctrl+Z)...
I guess it may not come in woman's mind. But I can't guess how your wife has beaten you that it did not come to your mind :-)

No matter, now you can't do (Ctrl+Z) in your life but from next time just remember (Ctrl+Z) is present in computer!

Anyways, I just read posts on Cookies with Struts2 and I learn a good lesson form that.

Keep posting such good articles...

Thanks & Regards,
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